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Privacy Statement

         Memorable Impressions is the creator of customized personal and business products for advertising, sales, and fun.  We have been producing custom printed products and delivering services for our clients since 1994.
       While Memorable-Impressions is no longer co-hosting the artist at Gargoyles Statuary during the University District Art Walk in Seattle Washington, we are printing labels for the wines served.  These labels are applied to the red and white wines served, and the sparkling cider. 

       The Art Walk happens the third Friday of every month.  Hope to see you there!
       Memorable Impressions respects your privacy and does not share any information you might send to us with any out of house companies or agencies.  We do not use or require the use of 'cookies' frequently used to track your movement through our web site.  If you don't send us an information request or email us, we'll never know you were here.
New News
Memorable Impressions is going to continue support local artists by giving them web space to present their works, shows, and other information,  for free.
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